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Tantra Sessions

Tantra Session   2.5 - 3 hours
Tantra sessions are an incredible gift in sacred healing using pleasure as a tool for transformation, to educate and awaken your physical and energetic body.
You’re invited into profound transformation in a somatic and energetic experience of love.  Caroline takes you on a journey of surrendering to deeply receiving. You’ll be rejuvenated and renewed as your senses awaken through exquisite touch, taste, sound, smells and visual delights. Every aspect is created with conscious intention where you are honored, pampered and adored.
Each session nurtures your specifics desires: a fantastic way to discover what Tantra is about and catapult your experience to the next dimension.
Puja for Two           90 mins
Always wanted to connect with a Dakini but didn't known how? Curious about Tantra but don't know where to start?A puja is a ancient Tantric ritual where you are guided through exquisite connections in a spirit of devotion. Savor the delights of working one-on-one with an experienced Dakini as you dive deeply into your heart through sacred connections, sensual delights, energetic expansion and love.This interactive experience is created especially for you. Perfect for those wanting to experience first hand the power of connection with a Dakini at a fraction of the cost of a full Tantra session. You will enjoy a taste of the delights Tantra has to offer. This fun and playful offering will awaken your body and energy and teach you to be a better lover. 
Tantric Deep Feast      90 mins


Awaken your senses in this juicy exploration of sensual delights as we enliven taste, touch, sight, smell and sound with this intimate and interactive exploration of food and fun.
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