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What is the Amrita?

It is physiologically possible for every woman to ejaculate. Many women are already ejaculating whether they realize it or not. Female ejaculation is often associated with activation of the g-spot in women.

Amrita is the Sanskrit word used in Neo-Tantric or Western Tantra circles for female ejaculation. We use the word amrita as a term of honoring as it means divine nectar and is seen as a blessing. There are specific techniques one can use to help to awaken the g-spot and invite the flow of amrita in. I like to use the word invite as we let go of making ejaculation a goal knowing amrita will flow when the woman is ready and at just the right time in her journey of sexual activation and empowerment. Amrita presents for a variety of reasons including as result of pleasure, as a therapeutic release, in response to energetic activation as or simply as a means of relaxation. Orgasm may occur but is not required for amrita to be present. Female ejaculation can be felt as a rush, a gush or a trickle.

Want to learn the truth about dispel the myths and fears about the g-spot and female ejaculation? Join my day long workshop with Dr. Charlie Glickman in Oakland on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. We'll share all the magic this Tantric practice has in store. This class welcomes people of all genders and you do not need a partner to attend. Learn more and get tickets at

Image courtesy of Tallulah Sulis

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