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The Power of Affirmation

A few years ago, after a workshop, I wrote the following affirmations. At the time I felt they were outlandish and wasn't even sure they were possible. Now I believe and am living them. I re-read them today realizing how prophetic they were and how much they have birthed the life I am living today:

I am at choice

I choose to be happy

I choose to be free

I choose to stand in my power

I am a healer

I tap into and channel Divine energy to heal others

I choose to love myself

I am incredible

I am free

I am relaxed

I am surrounded by love

I have lots of people in my life who want to share in my love

I love myself just as I am

I am integrating all I learned at HAI

I am yummy

I am desirable

I have a new story

I love who I am

I am proud of myself

I love myself enough to give to myself

Floating in my bliss

Dancing in Divine Decadence

I heal people through all that I am including my scars

I choose to continue to heal myself so that I can be a vessel for healing others

I am releasing

There is power in stillness

I am complete

I am good

Manifesting my dream

Turning my dreams into reality

Transforming my chaos to bliss

I am generous

I choose to write a new story

I am a powerful woman and I choose to see and believe it now

I no longer apologize for the love I have for dancing in sexual energy. I celebrate my sexual expression and welcome it into my life

I claim transformation and healing in my relationship with my ex husband

Learning to take a step back, breathe and get into wise mind. I am finding my patience.

It is good for me to ask for what I want

I am abundant

What do you want to affirm for yourself today?

If you're getting stuck on creating your own affirmation here is a free recording I made using affirmations from Shakti Gawain book's "Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life"

Please help us all to be inspired and support each other on our journeys by sharing your affirmations and your experience with this practice with us in the comments below

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