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Coaching Reviews:


"Caroline, YOU (yes YOU) are the reason I am here and happy!   

will I forget the Never ah ha moment that forever changed the course of

my life.  THANK YOU! Your energy, power, integrity and presence

allowed me to surrender that last bit of power my negative life was

allowing at the time.  As a result, I am now free.


Embrace your mess and make it into a beautiful masterpiece authored

and created by you."

~ Anne Cole, Moraga


" Thank you so much for your awesome and valuable insight into my 
relationship! It brought a completely new and unexpected perspective to 
something that had been seriously bothering me, and it led me not just to 
a better place of understanding but to a very productive conversation 
my partner, which in turn led to a deeper level of intimacy between the two of us. You rock!"
          ~ Evie, San Francisco


"Caroline has a unique gift of being truly present in everything she does.  You can unpack an issue with her and feel completely safe and held. She helps you tend to it in a compassionate and loving way, offering effective tools that create change. Caroline has coached me time and time again with work and relationship concerns, and I am so grateful from the wisdom and insight she has offered me!"

~ Juliet Osborne, Oakland


"Loving the insights just gleaned from Caroline Carrington! No matter what messes and confusions I throw at her, she somehow manages to sort it all out with great advice, resources, and the most loving, nonjudgmental support possible."

~ Elena, San Francisco

"You are such an awesome relationship coach - I owe you big time!"


~ Christine Le May, Petaluma


"I really appreciated the insight and space held by Caroline during our 30 min free coaching session ... I recommend her highly to anyone who is feeling stuck and needing help and support with life's challenges."

~ Monica Day, San Francisco


"Big mahalo Caroline for my wonderful coaching session. I feel greater clarity, patience & peace as a result!"

Anjalisa Aiken, Hawaii












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