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Workshop Reviews

"I learned more at your evening workshop than during a full weekend NeoTantra workshop provided by somebody else. You have found your calling!"

~ Gayle Roberts, Fundraising Consultant, San Francisco


"Caroline's presence as she leads the group is nothing short of stellar. She holds a very large container that includes all, yet her connection to the intimate and the nuanced never wavers. Her power and intentions come through in her delivery, pacing and groundedness as she takes the tribe on a beautifully composed, delightful journey through awakening, aliveness and sensual juiciness. As I journeyed with her, I knew we would hear more from her. Experience her now while you can, this woman is going to soar! "

~ Kathy Vinson, Sexological Bodyworker, Mountain View


"You run the most inspired and in touch NeoTantra workshop circles in the Bay Area"

~ Meredith Simon, Massage Therapist, Oakland


"All I can say is WOW! Caroline is a powerful and compassionate Goddess who really knows how to bring people together for a deep and luscious dive. In her Puja, she creates a safe space and an amazing night of love, energy, and connection."

~ Jacqueline Rodgers Yourch, Santa Cruz


"Thank you again for an AMAZING experience.  Truly one of the yummiest pujas I've ever experienced." 

~ Kevin Brizendine, Reno


"Caroline is a master at creating and offering an amazing Puja experience. With grace, beauty, power, knowledge and sweetness Caroline holds the room and delivers an extraordinary opportunity for melting into the Divine. She creates the conditions of what true Tantra is; to fall in love again and again until there's no separation between you and the other. Having experienced numerous Pujas around the world and one who loves playing I can easily sing the praises of Caroline! Her Pujas are not to be missed!"

~ Lyona Thibault, Skydancing Tantra Facilitator, Santa Cruz

"Thank you so much for an amazing NeoTantra workshop last night.  I learned so much and you were so FUN! I woke up this morning and started some of the practices you taught. Looking forward to learning more and being on this journey with you!"

~ Rebecca, Alameda


"What a wonderful class last night! You ran it beautifully and it was a terrific introduction to NeoTantra for me."

~ Evie, San Francisco


"Thank you again for creating such a loving and safe space for our group to learn and develop the practice of NeoTantra. I, for one, am very grateful. It made my day and your field of energy is amazingly clear. Delicious!"

~ Randy, Oakland


"Thanks for holding such beautiful space for your puja. You created a loving container for people with diverse intimacy skills and experience. It was a great evening and I look forward to participating in more events with you."

~ Walter Shelburne, Novato


"You have amazing presence and made for a delightful evening which flowed from one station to another. I even got complements from two men I shared energy with that they had a reset of their homophobia!"

~ Roy Turpin, Emeryville


"I highly recommend rituals offered by Caroline.  They make me feel like a newborn everytime."

         ~ Manu, Campbell


Thank you so much "Caroline!  You are a wonderful leader, beautiful and serene, with a lovely voice, and very appealing accent!  I can see you have a great career ahead of you! "

~ Anne Torkington, Berkeley

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for the gifts that you bestowed upon us...your wisdom, your energy, your leadership, your passion and your style led us along a journey that made this evening exquisite! I'm looking forward to dancing with you again in the near future"

~ Lisa Rogerson, Nutrition Coach, Mill Valley


"Fun, educational, safe, energetic, respectful an playful. Caroline's series is an amazing opportunity for beginners or advanced Tantra practitioners to journey through the beautiful, sensual, spiritual NeoTantric path in a fun, loving and safe environment."

~ Anonymous, Fremont










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