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What is a Dakini?

I am a Dakini of integrity who is impeccable with her word and has a high value of truth that loves to activate and uplevel people through the potency of her Shakti (spiritual power). I am a powerful manifestor who is releasing old stories of limiting beliefs to upgrade my life to more potency as I live out my dharma with a heart full of bhakti (love/devotion).



"Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Tantra. Her sexuality and her whole being is devoted to the Divine/Existence/your awakening. She uses the power of the feminine, including feminine sexuality, to shatter illusions and bring the client closer to the truth of who s/he is. Being a Dakini is a deep calling that takes a lifetime of preparation, as the Dakini's own being is the main vehicle through which the catalyzing happens. By doing her own inner work, the Dakini becomes able to accurately read and potently respond to the awareness needs of the client. For that she uses both ordinary and extraordinary perception and abilities."

~ Shakti Malan



A Dakini is a "being associated with energy in all its functions, Dakinis are linked with the revelation of the Anuttarayoga Tantras, which represent the path of transformation, whereby the energy of negative emotions or kleshas, called poisons, is transformed into the luminous energy of enlightened awareness yielding the most profound experience of clear light.

In Hinduism the term Dakini often has negative associations although in Hindu Tantrism Dakinis are the guardians of the deeper mysteries of the self, through whom the secrets of inner transformation are revealed.  Dakini ... per Hindu Tantra are the shaktis or powers who control the different chakras. Thus Dakinis are the guardians of the deeper mysteries of the self and it is through them that the secrets of inner transformation are opened. In Hindu Tantra, practices such as Tantric sex may involve a "helper" Dakini – a human female trained in Tantric yoga."

~ Wikipedia


"Women of passion who are profoundly devoted to spiritual awakening."

~ Margot Anand in The Art of Everyday Ecstasy



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