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Decoding Tantra Colors: Exploring White, Pink and Red Tantra

I am frequently asked about the color coding system used in Neo-Tantra. While opinions may vary this is the way I use the color system. White Tantra refers to practices that focus on breathing (pranayama), meditation, mantra and visualization (yantras). This is normally an individual practice and is used to quiet the mind, as well as prepare one for deepened Tantra practice and expanded energetic experiences. This is the foundation of all Tantra practice.

Pink Tantra focuses on the heart chakra (energy center), the meeting and melting point between all the chakras connecting our humanness grounded on this earthly plain with the Divine. We dance in the energy of love in Tantra and emphasis on the heart chakra allows us to come from a place of love in our Tantric practice, then when we step out into the world. Pink Tantra begins to include connection with others.

Red Tantra engages the energies of the first and second chakra and includes sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality is seen as a meditation and honoring practice allowing the flow of energies for transformation and transmutation. The practices of White and Pink Tantra are incorporated here to ground Red Tantra as a meditation practice where one is able to stay fully present and honor one’s partner from a place of love even with all the intensity of incorporating sexuality in the mix.

Black/Shadow Tantra is often used to reference an inclusion of BDSM or kink play. There are so many ways to play with energy and playing with power exchange in the form or dominance and submission, experiencing a spanking or playing with rope are all examples of other ways to exchange energy.
You will note that many of my Puja are listed as Hot, Dark or Deep Pink. This means they are grounded in White Tantra and fueled by the energy of love. We explore partnered exercises and start playing with sexual energy and get playful and juicy but don't go into any full Red Tantra practices.

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Caroline Carrington is a Certified Tantra Educator and Conscious Relationship & Intimacy Coach inspiring people to live empowered lives across the US and around the world. She expands people’s experience of pleasure, intimacy and connection through relationships, energy play and dynamic meditation. Caroline loves building bridges between communities in the realms of Tantra, BDSM, Polyamory, and Bhakti Yoga. Caroline welcomes people of all genders, races and relationship styles and is LGBTQ+-friendly. She is passionate about walking Tantra out of the bedroom and into the world and bringing the sacred back into sexuality. Caroline is available for private sessions, experiential workshops and personalized intensives.

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