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What is the Sacred Spot?

The Sacred Spot is the Tantric term for gateway to the second chakra (energy center). The access point is through the activation of the G-spot in both men and women. It is actually an area (not simply a spot) in the body, that once activated, swells and fills with sensation and can be incredibly pleasurable bringing about release and healing on many levels. The Sacred Spot holds deep emotions and should be touched with honoring and reverence. In cis-gendered women (people assigned as female at birth and still choosing that gender), the Sacred Spot is the female prostate and is located approximately half way between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. Activation of the Sacred Spot is often linked to the release of female ejaculation or amrita (meaning divine nectar in Sanskrit).

Join Caroline Carrington and Charlie Glickman on Saturday April 1st for our day long class Sublime Surrender: Exploring the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation in Oakland. You will witness the transmission from a powerful live demo and get the opportunity to practice hands on in the class and connect with even more like-minded people. Secure your spot at

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