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Who are you honoring this Memorial Day?

Today is Memorial Day in the US, in honor of those who lost their lives in the war. I'm not a fan of war but rather of peace so instead I invite us to celebrate and honor special people who have touched our lives whether living or those who've passed onto another world or lifetime.

Today I honor my mother, for all our struggles, heartache and pain. I honor her own journey and the gifts she gave me through our challenges to help birth the woman I am today.

I celebrate being the black (or perhaps the rainbow) sheep of my family which gave me permission to dive into subcultures and really choose for myself who I want to be and how I choose to express myself.

I honor my son's father for gifting me my incredible child in my son who brings healing to me through his love of life and offering of unconditional love every day.

I celebrate the life I've chosen, to break away from a more mainstream path as I give myself permission to live my truth and purpose every day. I honor the special people in my life who support me when I doubt myself and lose sight of my vision and dharma. Thank you for reflecting the light back to me when I forget.

I celebrate grace and the incredible journey I have been on discovering the love and the bhav through Tantra and Mantra. I am grateful for all the healing both of these paths have brought into my life and the grace of the Deva and Devis who came before me to light and guide to the path as they watch over me and keep me safe.

I honor my teachers, who have come in many forms and my therapist who has now become my colleague. Thank you to each person who has held my hands and supported me.

To all of you and many more, I bow in deep namaste honoring the Divine in your that is also in me, honoring the place of truth in you that is also reflect in me, honoring the light in you that also lives in me. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on what you can choose to celebrate today. Who has touched your life in a deep way to support you in being who you are today? Please share in the comments below who you want to honor, remember and celebrate today. Thank you for taking time to remember.

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